Why You Might Want To Get Spinal Surgery

Why You Might Want To Get Spinal Surgery

spinal surgery can be done in different ways. The first is the traditional open surgery, which is often deemed complicated and invasive. The second option is the non-invasive spinal surgery that doesn’t involve opening you up. Whatever option you decide to choose, you should only do so after exploring all the other non-surgical options. Given the importance of the spinal cord and its delicate nature, you should always try out other less risky options before opting for the riskier ones, which are the surgical options. However, there are some situations where spinal surgery is the only option, and any spine surgery Beverly hills professional will be able to help you determine whether surgery is mandatory in your case. Some of the common causes that may require surgery include:

when you need fusion

Spinal fusion is where the two vertebras, which are the two largest bones in the spine, are joined. This might be necessary if the two boned become misaligned. The surgery involves using two screws to join the two bones and metal rods to increase stability. In other cases where you feel a lot of pain, but the doctors are unable to figure out what’s causing that pain, you may also be advised to go for spinal surgery. This will only happen if other measures of managing the pain have failed.

Disc damage

If you have an injury in your spinal disc, you may be forced to undergo surgery. Sometimes the discs stiffen up and crack, leading to immense pain. The procedure for rectifying this is known as discectomy, but it will only be done after you have tried other therapy methods for at least one year.


This is a common problem for those who are older because, as one age, the region surrounding the spinal cord becomes smaller. This narrowing leads to pressure on the spinal cord, and the nerves surrounding the spine feel pressed, resulting in pain. The narrowing results from several reasons which could include discs bulging out, bones overgrowing and overgrowing ligaments.

Some of the alternative methods of spinal care include applying heat or coldness. Ice can numb the pain while heat can also provide warmth that relaxes the painful area and reduces inflammation. Applying these will help increase blood flow in the spine. You could also take pain-relieving medicine, but make sure you follow the instruction given by your doctor.


Spine surgery Beverly hills professionals will be able to help you choose the right treatment option even if it’s not surgery. They will only recommend spinal surgery as the last option and give you the best services to ensure you heal faster.